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House Cleaning

Our residential cleaning services ensure a spotless and organized home, providing a healthy and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer highly professional commercial cleaning services, keeping your workplace clean and sanitized, so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services ensure a thorough and detailed cleaning, removing tough dirt and impurities, providing a completely refreshed and pristine environment.

How our services work

Regular Cleaning

In our regular cleaning services, we perform a variety of comprehensive tasks to ensure that your home remains spotless and organized. Our carefully trained team carries out the following activities:


We conduct a thorough dusting of all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, fans, and decorative items, to ensure a dust-free environment.


We use high-quality vacuums to clean all floors, carpets, and rugs, removing dirt, hair, and unwanted debris, leaving your spaces free of loose particles.

Surface Cleaning

We mop wooden and ceramic floors, ensuring effective and shining cleanliness, giving them a renewed appearance.

Kitchen Cleaning

We pay special attention to the kitchen, carefully cleaning countertops, cabinets (externally), stove, microwave, and removing handprints from doors. We also clean the windows from the inside, ensuring every corner of your kitchen is bright and free of dirt.

Complete Bathroom Cleaning

We provide a detailed cleaning of the bathroom, including thorough sanitation of the shower, sink, toilet, and mirror, ensuring these areas are free from stains and germs.

Removal of Spider Webs

We check and remove any spider webs present in your home, ensuring your spaces are free from these unwanted intruders.

Our goal is to provide a clean and pleasant environment for you to enjoy, using efficient methods and quality products that guarantee maximum satisfaction in our regular cleaning services.

Deep Cleaning

In our Deep Cleaning services, we go beyond regular cleaning by providing a comprehensive deep cleaning in your home. In addition to the activities mentioned in Regular Cleaning, we perform the following additional tasks:

Refrigerator Cleaning

We perform a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of your refrigerator, removing stains, unwanted odors, and ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment to store your food.

Outside Window Cleaning

We extend our cleaning to outside windows, removing dust, stains, and dirt, giving you a clear view and a shiny facade.

Stove Cleaning

We devote special attention to cleaning your stove, removing grease, dirt, and stains thoroughly, leaving it with a renewed appearance.

Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning: We perform a thorough cleaning of the oven, removing food residues, grease, and embedded dirt, leaving it clean and ready for use.

Light Furniture Moving

During Deep Cleaning, we strive to move only light furniture, allowing for a more thorough cleaning of spaces without compromising the structure or safety of heavier objects.

Our Deep Cleaning approach combines the services of Regular Cleaning with these additional tasks, providing a deep, comprehensive clean of your home. With qualified staff and quality products, we guarantee a fresh, sanitized and dirt-free environment.

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